RACE papers

Patient and researcher perspectives on facilitating patient and public involvement in rheumatology research

Judith Pollock, Karim Raza, Arthur G. Pratt, Helen Hanson, Stefan Siebert, Andrew Filer, John D. Isaacs, Christopher D. Buckley, Iain B. McInnes, Marie Falahee

Cytokines in rheumatoid arthritis — shaping the immunological landscape

Iain B. McInnes, Christopher D. Buckley & John D. Isaacs

The thymus and rheumatology: should we care?

Cosway, Emilie; Anderson, Graham; Garside, Paul; Prendergast, Catriona

Synovial CD4+ T-cell-derived GM-CSF supports the differentation of an inflammatory dendritic cell population in RA

G Reynolds, JR Gibbon, AG Pratt, MJ Wood, D Coady, G Raftery, AR Lorenzi, A Gray, A Filer, CD Buckley, MA Haniffa, JD Isaacs, CMU Hilkens

The role of microRNAs in glucocorticoid action

Clayton, Jones, Kurowska-Stolarska & Clark

β2 Integrins As Regulators of Dendritic Cell, Monocyte, and Macrophage Function

Schittenhelm, Hilkens & Morrison

Cytokines in rheumatoid arthritis - shaping the immunological landscape

McInness, Buckley & Isaacs


Other published papers

In addition to the papers above which has been produced through collaborative research by the scientists from the Centre, members of our team, in collaboration with researchers from around the world, are involved in many other papers which add to the understanding of rheumatoid arthritis.